Grand National Betting Guide

The Grand National offers a variety of betting options.

Betting on a winner: The easiest and most popular way of taking part in Grand National betting. Pick the horse you think has what it takes to win the 2014 Grand National or has the best Grand National odds. If your horse wins you’re in the money – but the odds are you won’t win.

Place betting: A safer option than picking an outright winner, and a betting option which makes applying Grand National betting tips easier. Instead of betting on a winning horse you can bet on a horse to finish placed in the race – i.e. in the top five. This allows you to back a strong horse who you feel sure has the stamina to finish the race. Some bookies offer extra place specials on the Grand National, and you can find some who’ll pay out up to 7 places on the race.

Each way betting: If you’re confident that you’ve picked the Grand National winner, each way betting offers some of the best returns on offer for Grand National betting. If your horse finishes first you get paid out the odds on the horse, as well as a dividend for the horse finishing placed. If your horse finishes placed, but doesn’t win, you’ll lose half your stake but get paid out the dividend on the place.

Grand National hedging: Hedging is one of the best ways to make serious bets at the Grand National. Instead of backing one horse, place money on a handful of horses that you think have what it takes to win the Grand National. Work out the lowest returns you can earn on a potential winner and then divide a fraction of this total amongst your favourites. Now if any of your horses win you are guaranteed to earn a return on your bet.

Grand National betting specials: Bookies offers a wide range of attractive Grand National betting options on race day. Bets include number of horses to finish the race, and comparative betting between two horses of your choice where you get to pick the winner!