Grand National Betting Tips

Here are a few simple Grand National tips to help simplify the challenging task of picking a winner.

Don’t bet on aging horses. This is an easy mistake to make if you’re new to Grand National betting. Horses are considered to be past their best from the age of 12 onwards. This means your best bet is to pick horses between the ages of eight and 12. You can also consider striking off six- and seven-year-old horses as they are usually too inexperienced to win such a long, challenging race. In these cases Grand National odds are a realistic indication of the horses’ prospects.

Don’t bet on a horse that hasn’t won over three to four miles. The majority of past Grand National winners have won long races before going on to win the Grand National. When doing your 2013 Grand National betting you can visit the Racing Post for up-to-date information on the form and statistics of any registered British racehorse. These statistics will help you establish which horses fare best over long distances.

Check the going. Many racehorses have definite preferences for track firmness. Check what the track conditions tends to be when your horse wins. The going at Aintree racecourse ranges between good and good to soft depending on weather conditions, so a Grand National betting tip is to look for horses that can succeed on all tracks or that have achieved the majority of their wins with similar track conditions.

Stay away from horses that have recently fallen in a race. Although history provides several heroic examples of horses who defied pre-race injuries and the Grand National odds to win the race, these are exceptions rather than the norm. A good Grand National betting tip is to review your horse’s form and check whether there have been any falls in recent races. Even minor injuries impact a horse’s performance and damage its confidence.

Bet Irish. A look at the horses that have dominated the Grand National throughout its history quickly shows why this Grand National betting tip cannot be overlooked, with the majority of Grand National winners coming from Ireland. Participation in the Irish Grand National also provides a good guide to form, as this race is an excellent measure of the abilities needed to win the Grand National.

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