Grand National Trivia

  • Despite the British Royal Family’s passion for horseracing, a horse owned by the Royal Family has only won the Grand National on one occasion. In 1900 Ambush II won the Grand National for the Prince of Wales. The Queen Mother almost won a Grand National in 1956 with Devon Loch, however whilst in the lead Devon Loch inexplicably lay down, handing victory to ESB.

  • During World War One the Grand National was moved from its traditional site at Aintree and was instead run at the site of the modern day location of Gatwick airport. The history of the Grand National is so deeply rooted in Aintree that these races are often excluded from the Grand National record books.
  • More Grand National trivia: In 1977 Charlotte Brew became the first female jockey to enter the Grand National trivia lists when she entered the Grand National on Barony Fort. Since then no female jockey has won the Grand National, although some have finished the race. A number of female trainers have trained Grand National winning horses, the first being Jenny Pitman with Corbiere in 1983.
  • The racecourse at Aintree is acknowledged as the toughest in National Hunt racing, with the height of the fence on the take-off side often higher than the height on the landing side. This feature also makes the course uniquely dangerous and in recent years several of the more challenging fences have been modified for safety.
  • In 1997 the Grand National had to be rescheduled when the race organisers received a bomb threat from the IRA. The race was postponed for two days, and the crowd that attended the event was significantly smaller than is usually the case. Eight years later the Grand National was rescheduled again, this time to accommodate the marriage of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles.
  • The 1993 Grand National was the most chaotic in the history of the event. The starting tape malfunctioned and a false-start was called, yet only 9 jockeys were aware of this and the other 30 set off down the Aintree racecourse and ran the full race. Despite a race being run, the result was declared null and void costing Esha Ness his win.

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