Grand National Winners

The history of the Grand National is a story of hundreds of the finest racehorses that ever lived battling adversity to claim the greatest prize in horseracing. Here are just a few important Grand National winners.

The Duke – 1836, 1837

The Duke is recognised the first winner of the race that came to be known as the Grand National. Although these two years are not officially recognised as part of Grand National history, their impact on the sport has been lasting. The Duke won the first race at odds of 3/1. Unfortunately missing records means there is some controversy over which course was used to host the 1837 Grand National. This uncertainty means that the Duke may never officially be recognised as the first Grand National winner.

Lottery – 1839

Lottery was the first officially recognised Grand National winner. It was rumoured that Lottery could outpace the majority of his opponents without having to resort to a gallop. He proved his class and showed just why he had been given 9/1 odds at the 1839 Grand National, winning the race in 14 minutes and 53 seconds.

Golden Miller – 1934

In 1934 the thoroughbred Golden Miller entered the Grand National having already won the Cheltenham Gold Cup that year. Even before the race bookies recognised that the Irish born gelding was on the verge of greatness, and despite a heavy handicap the horse was 8/1 odds to win the race. Golden Miller performed as expected, winning the Grand National and becoming the only horse in history to win the Grand National and the Cheltenham Gold Cup in the same year.

Earth Summit – 1998

In 1998 Earth Summit created a moment of Grand National history. Not only did the horse become a Grand National winner, but he did so having suffered an almost fatal injury at a previous race. Yet this is not why Earth Summit will be remembered. Earth Summit’s greatest feat was to win the Grand National on the heels of victories at the Scottish and Welsh Grand Nationals, making him the only Grand National winner to achieve this unique treble.