Weird Sports Cheats

Stella Walsh

Born Stanislawa Walasiewiczowna, Stella Walsh was a Polish track athlete, who came into prominence at the 1932 Olympics, when she won gold in the 100m. Shortly after her celebrated performance at the games, Stella moved to the United States and anglicised her name. During the next decade Walsh built one of the most impressive records for any athlete in American history, breaking 20 track and field records.
Walsh died an unusual death, killed before her time in a hold-up outside a department store. What was even more unusual, however, was the discovery made during her autopsy, which revealed that Walsh was a hermaphrodite with fully developed male genitalia.

Dora Ratjen

One is tempted to speculate what the ultra-conservative Adolf Hitler might have thought if he’d discovered that not only was the 100m silver medallist at the 1936 Olympic Games, Stella Walsh, a hermaphrodite, but that the high jump specialist in the German team, Dora Ratjen, was a transvestite.
It is not known how Hermann Ratjen managed to slip his feminine persona past the selectors of the German Olympic team. However, history tells us that he competed at the event, coming 4th in the women’s high jump. His secret was discovered after WWII when he was spotted working as a waiter in Hamburg.


While God is often invoked by sportsmen prior to big games, there is only one recorded instance of Him making an actual appearance at a sporting event – the quarterfinal of the 1986 Football World Cup between England and Argentina. With the game drawn and minutes left on the clock, Maradona found himself in front of the English goal with the ball headed towards his head.
At this point God stepped in and neatly deflected the ball into the back of the English net – according to Maradona, that is. Everyone else saw the Argentinean striker use his hand to direct the ball into the English goal.

Charlie Boyce

The 1857 Grand National was run in such heavy rain, that the thousands of spectators attending England’s biggest race were unable to see any of the competitors on the racetrack. With the activities of the runners thus obscured, jockey Charlie Boyce decided to dispense with the troublesome business of jumping the fences at Aintree, and instead piloted his horse, Emigrant, onto the canal towpath running alongside the Aintree racetrack.
Boyce and Emigrant went on to win the race by a dozens of lengths. When it was later discovered that he hadn’t jumped any fences during the course of the race Boyce blamed the poor visibility for the incident, and his win was allowed to stand.

The Spanish Paralympic Basketball Team

In a story uncannily similar to the Johnny Knoxville film, The Ringer, the Spanish Paralympic Basketball team attempted to pull off one of the biggest cheats in sports history at the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney. The team excelled at the event, eventually beating Russia by 24 points in the final of the intellectually disadvantaged division. There was only one problem with this achievement – only two of the twelve players on the team were intellectually disadvantaged.
The story was leaked to the press by one of the Spanish players, and the team was forced to give up its gold medals. As a result of the incident psychological testing prior to this event has been made compulsory.
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